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The ONLY time when being an undercover Christian is acceptable!

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LET US BEGIN TODAY ON YOUR NEXT DIRECT-RESPONSE MARKETING PROJECT The direct-response marketer that understands the needs of the faith-based market!

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Who We Are

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is an emerging leader in the faith-based copywriting industry. We are comprised of a team of copywriters, ministry leaders, editors, and advisors to bring the most experienced and scripturally accurate copy available.

We are highly effective in applying our e
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What We Do

“It sounds good… looks good, but something is missing…”

Have you ever read a Christian advertisement or an ad geared towards the “faith-based community” and felt something was just… “Missing?”

All of the right words were there.

Nice photo.

A catchy headline.

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Public Sector Marketing

PSM targets individual consumers and those that need services in an effort to inform and persuade them to take action. Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions partner with you to reach your target audience today!

Church Website

Pastor Jackson thought encouragingly as he looked out over the empty seats of the once-thriving cong..

Sales Ads

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Non-Profit Ad

She had endured some of the most horrendous abuse by her alcoholic husband… more than she ever tho..

Business to Business

B2B Marketing is the art of one business selling products and services to other businesses. Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is highly skilled at knowing what works and what doesn’t. Contact us today to discuss your next B2B marketing campaign!

Profitable Pay-per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

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Winning Direct-Mail Marketing

Some recent estimates show that Faith-based marketing has now excee.. Learn more



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