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Clara hoped this time would be different…

She had endured some of the most horrendous abuse by her alcoholic husband… more than she ever thought possible.

He was a good man; she reasoned to herself… a man who worked hard put food on the table and kept a roof over her children’s heads.

But at the end of the week… within hours of him getting his weekly paycheck… he turned into a drunken MONSTER.

Jonathan is only 9 years old…

He has dreams of growing up to be an attorney… a housing attorney. Jonathan’s family lived in horrific conditions of mold, holes in the ceiling, and pests.

Jonathan endured without heat in the cold winter or running water some days in the heat of summer.

If the family ever complained to housing authorities, he saw his mom and three younger sisters being evicted … their belongings tossed into the street like refuse by unethical landlords.

They were given less than a month to find another place, or the landlord would have the locks changed.

Even nine-year-old Jonathan knew this was wrong. But what could he do at the tender age of nine?

The police stopped Jerome on his way home from a summer job…

Jerome had just been accepted into the engineering program at an Ivy League college. Now his life would change drastically … he and that of his parent’s worst nightmares had come true.

Jerome would be charged with a crime because he “vaguely” fit the suspect’s description given by unreliable eye-witness testimony.

Jerome had an alibi but no money for a lawyer.

It took 23 years for him to prove his innocence finally, thanks to DNA evidence and a group of attorneys that believed in him.

Your Non-Profit may help raise money or provide services for people like Clara, Jerome, or Jonathan’s family.

Tens of thousands of worthy causes are in desperate need of financial support. Whether it be rare childhood diseases or simply a helping hand to those who served on the front lines to preserve this nation’s freedoms, it’s about PEOPLE.

It’s about human lives.

You saw a need and wanted to help. You wanted to make a difference. You have a message that will change lives and help the right society’s wrongs.

Your non-profit organization stands in the gap to make a difference for those here today and those who will come after us.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions shares your vision and passion for helping others. We want to help. We want to make a difference.

We craft your message so that your organization will live up to its Mission Statement to change lives and help RIGHT society’s wrongs.

We do that by using words to peer into the world of people in need.

We do that by using words that promote empathy and understanding.

We do that by using words that prompt action.

We do that by using words that touch the heart.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions grasps hold of your vision and transforms it into a reality to those who never walked in Clara’s, Jerome’s, or Jonathan’s shoes.

We show the pain and then create the urgency matching the need of the individual or group of people your fundraiser will benefit from. Those in desperate need can’t wait for help that never arrives.

Your fundraising campaign must put in full view the people who want to help and equally demonstrate your passion for seeing it through.

No fundraiser is too large or too small for Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions!

Whether you are trying to raise awareness of a rare disease that afflicts children or simply seeking to increase annual donations for a battered women’s shelter.

A “GoFundMe campaign” with a well-crafted message can make the difference between raising hundreds of dollars … and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions.

Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions use the power of the written word to increase donations, raise awareness, and surpass your fundraising goals.

Your message, our words equal YOUR success… Let’s reach people together!

We’ll be delighted to work with you and become your next direct marketing solution-providing partner.

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