Jesus In the Old Testament: Part II


In my last article, we delved into proving and providing scriptural evidence of Jesus’ presence in the Old Testament.

We proved from the book of Daniel that Jesus was not only the SON of MAN but also the Ancient of Days. We know he was known, because all the prophets testified about him, for His Spirit was in them (Acts 10:43).

In part II of this study, I would like to dive into the book of Genesis, Chapters 18 & 19. Here, we will surely see GOD as a man, AND which is “mind-blowing”… both YHWH and JESUS interacting together to bring judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah!

Let us Pray,

“Heavenly Father, you who are worthy to be praised. You showed your love for us by sending your son to die for our sins. We thank you, Lord, that we now have the ability to come to your throne boldly with our prayers and petitions. Lord God, I ask that the words you give me will be a blessing to those who read them. I pray their hearts will be opened, and that the Spirit of Truth will show them the way. As always, Lord bless them and test all things via your word. I thank you for this opportunity to plant a seed, that you may water for it to grow. Continue to guide us, and may your hand never leave upon us. I ask this in Jesus’ name, our Lord, AMEN.


Here we see that the LORD (JEHOVAH) appeared to Abraham.

Abraham looked up and saw THREE men standing nearby (v2). Notice that these Three men are real humans because we see Abraham asking, “if I have found favor in your eyes, my lords don’t pass by, and let water be brought so you all can wash your feet” (v3-4).

We also know they were humans because they also ate real food(v8). The Lord inquires, “Where is Sarah? I will surely return to you about this time next year, and Sarah will be with child (v 9-10).

As the men finished eating, they turned away and went towards Sodom, but the LORD stayed with Abraham (v22).

Now, keep up, Saints. In the beginning, there were THREE men who came to Abraham.

Now we see the men leaving, yet the LORD stays with Abraham.

So, how many men left to go to Sodom?

Answer only Two, and we will clearly see this later on in scripture.

So, the LORD remained with Abraham and told him what He was going to do to the cities.

Abraham pleaded with the LORD, “far be it for you to do such a thing to kill the righteous with the wicked”.

Now watch carefully … Abraham then says, “Will not the Judge of ALL the earth do right?” (v25).

Abraham understood that he was standing in the presence of the LORD JEHOVAH!

He confessed that the LORD was the Judge of all the earth. Not only a Judge but a righteous one at that. Remember Saints God the Father is Spirit, and No one has EVER seen God but the one whom came from God.

The LORD responded to Abraham’s confession about him, that if he found fifty, forty-five, forty, thirty, twenty, or even ten righteous people in the city he will spare them all.

Then the LORD left Abraham.

Where was the LORD going? To correct Sodom(v33).


Now, remember when I asked how many men left to go to Sodom while the LORD stayed with Abraham?

Well, here is your answer from scripture.

Verse 1 says, “The Two Angels arrived at Sodom…”

The men described in Genesis 18 are now angels with physical bodies in chapter 19.

We also know that the LORD is on his way to see if HE will find 10 righteous people in the cities to spare it. When we keep reading the scriptures, ultimately, we know that the LORD didn’t find 10 righteous people: only Lot and two others survived.

When the LORD reached the cities… now watch this: how YHWH and JESUS both worked together to destroy the cities…

“Then the LORD (JEHOVAH) rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah, from the LORD (JEHOVAH) out of the heavens” (Genesis 19:24)

Did you catch it?

The LORD who was with Abraham (JESUS) rained down sulfur on both cities, “FROM” the LORD (FATHER) out of the heavens.

Clearly, the scripture is speaking and alluding to Two LORDS who are yet One, working together, passing the same Judgment.

How can this be if Jesus is (only) a New Testament figure?

When Abraham asked the LORD (Jesus) if he would spare the cities if 10 righteous were found,  Jesus answered, saying, “Yes,” which was Jesus’ forgiving. The word “to spare” in Hebrew is CHAMAL, which means to have pity/forgive.

Only God can forgive!

Here, again, we see Jesus showing his Godly attributes when answering Abraham.


One last point, to bring this all home so we can close this discussion.

When Jesus was speaking to the Jews in John 8:56-57 he said, “Your father Abraham  rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he SAW it and was glad.”

What day is Jesus speaking about?

I will tell you it was the day in GENESIS 18 when Abraham met Jesus and was Glad.

We know it was that day because the Jews in (v57) said, “you are not fifty years old, and yet you MET/HAVE SEEN Abraham!

Even they (the Jews) understood what Jesus was saying in (v56) about Abraham seeing him!

Don’t you just LOVE how God will provide the truth to those who seek it!

I pray that this article has been a blessing to you, as it has for me to write it.

I pray in the future to write part 3, for more scriptural evidence of our Christ in the Old Testament.

Be blessed!!!!!

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