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Our Mission Statement

“In the beginning was the Word…”

When used effectively… Words motivate…  Words empower…  Words enlighten… Words change lives.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is dedicated to using the written word to inspire, stimulate, and prompt people to take action in ways never before dreamed possible. We are adept at understanding our client’s vision and mission to use keywords aimed at a targeted group to move them to positive and immediate action.

Whether you are a Church, who needs to increase membership or build up existing disciples… Whether you are a Non-Profit tasked with raising money for a cause no one knows about or understands… Whether you are a Christian company in need of a winning sales ad campaign for products people need or desire, Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is here to serve you and help make your aspirations a reality.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions has more than 40 years in ministry and serving others. We take that experience and deep understanding of people, churches, and faith-based organizations to express to your targeted audience the solutions you offer in ways that will motivate them to take action… NOW!

We understand the myriad of reasons why people don’t act… why they don’t do what they should … and what makes some respond to an invitation while others don’t. This knowledge and experience will make the difference between closing your organization’s doors or expanding at unprecedented levels.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions stays in the background so that your intention, your company, and your values come to the forefront and make you successful. We stay “undercover” to bring to light the essence and substance of your message. And this is all that comes through to your potential customers… your parishioners… your valued partners… they ONLY see your church, your business, and your fundraising cause.

It’s the only time when being an Undercover Christian is acceptable!


Who We Are

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is an emerging leader in the faith-based copywriting industry. We are comprised of a team of copywriters, ministry leaders, editors, and advisors to bring the most experienced and scripturally accurate copy available.

We are highly effective in applying our extensive knowledge of scripture, exegesis (accurate interpretation of scripture), and project management methodologies to improve your intended message’s accuracy substantially.

We apply more than 40 years of combined biblical understanding, experience, and application of scripture to writing copy for you that will reach people within the context of a Christian worldview.

Secular companies who may be very good copywriters simply can’t do that.

ONLY a Christian copywriter can do that!

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions offers copywriting that not only brings results for your church, faith-based organization, or Christian-focused business or non-profit, but also the most scripturally accurate message possible.

Today’s advertising world is filled with misinformation, “fake news,” and outright deception, all designed to misinform for purposes of short-term gain. It seems increasingly difficult to find copywriting agencies that prize integrity above all else.

At Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions, we firmly believe in taking the long view of copywriting and are devotees to time-honored values of honesty, integrity, and trust. We consider your business reputation FIRST and value the trust people will place in you because of what you say and how you say it.

Whether you need website content, formatting the perfect sales letter for your new faith-based book, or fundraising event, we use language to craft your message so that it builds relationships, exudes integrity, and ultimately contributes to spread the gospel message to those who otherwise may not hear it or see it in a business or advertising forum.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions seeks to expand our excellent copywriting services into the government contracting arena. If you are a Contracting Officer (CO) who is actively looking for Best Value Proposals for contracts that require copywriting, advertising, website building, or internet publishing, you need to look no further!

We pride ourselves on creating high quality,  value, and reliability for any service contracts we enter into. As a CO, you need a company that will successfully fulfill contracts based upon RFP outlined specifications. More than a dozen years of Project Management experience means you are provided a structured plan that leads to expected successful outcomes.

No guesswork… no delays!

Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions give you one less thing to worry about. We take the uncertainty out of the procurement process. Contact us to learn more about our federal, state, and local government contracting abilities!

Contact Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions today so we can get started on your next writing project. We are anxious to partner with you to bring you copywriting that understands YOUR organization, YOUR prospect, and YOUR intended message.

There’s no reason to wait! You have found the “best-kept secret” in Christian copywriting… Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions it’s the ONLY time when being an “Undercover Christian” is acceptable!


What We Do

“It sounds good… looks good, but something is missing…”

Have you ever read a Christian advertisement or an ad geared towards the “faith-based community” and felt something was just… “Missing?”

All of the right words were there.

Nice photo.

A catchy headline.

Some scriptures may have even been inserted HERE and THERE to give it the “feel” of a Christian ad, but yet something was still missing.

The scriptures used didn’t quite fit the message… it was misused. It was written by someone that may have understood scripture but didn’t understand the audience.

Similarly, I have seen quite frequently ads written that understood the intended audience’s needs but didn’t understand how to apply scripture to the message in a meaningful way.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions offers four decades of experience in Christian ministry that allows us a deep understanding of scripture AND the needs of your target audience.

What this translates into for you are RESULTS!

Even the most beautiful copywriting and advertisements aren’t valuable to your organization if it does not motivate your audience to TAKE ACTION. The most persuasive ad that misleads or misinterprets scripture or sets the wrong tone may have even worse outcomes.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions are skilled at using words to motivate people to action, and that means greater attendance for your church functions… more engagement for your non-profit cause or fundraisers… more sales of your faith-based books, materials, supplies, or services.

But it’s MORE than raising money… MORE than sales… MORE than even greater church attendance.

It’s ABOUT people and providing them with an accurate picture of the gospel message and God’s love.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions takes the view that everything Christians do is related … directly or indirectly… to ministry, and that should be to glorify God in everything we do.

So this Christian worldview guides and directs every single word we write.

We write intending to craft an effective message for you but to do so in a way that glorifies God.

That’s the reason we don’t take every writing project. Copywriting is NOT a job to us… it’s MINISTRY to us… it’s a WAY OF LIFE for us!

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is here to listen, understand, and then create a written campaign for you that will both bring results and accurately show people that you are different… you care about them… you are doing what is right.

We want to create added value for you and show that you are separate and distinct from other organizations that are not faith-based.  We have to follow a higher principle… a higher calling.

Contact Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions today and let us show you how we can make your organization successful through the written word.

Let us show you how we are different… set apart… distinct. Don’t wait…

Let’s reach people together!



Act Now

About Products & Services

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions offers a wide variety of services, but we customize those services to meet each client’s needs. You will not find computer-generated sales ads or misdirected marketing for another target audience other than the one YOU are trying to reach.

Here at Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions, we take pride in developing a marketing strategy, sales ad, or website content that not only embodies your meaning, but crafts it in ways that inform, connect emotionally, and persuades them to act!

If you do not see packages and services that fit your needs, contact us for a free consultation to discuss. Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions will be more than happy to craft a project that will tailor fit your needs and that of your target audience… and for less cost than our competitors.

We Listen… We Understand… We Execute!

With flexible payment terms that we customize along with the project, you have no reason NOT to give us a try! Contact us today for a FREE consultation. You have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain! Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions Pride itself on 100% customer satisfaction!

Please fill out the convenient form on our home page and someone will be in contact with you right away!

Our Services

About Fundraising

People do not give money to causes… No matter how important… No matter how worthy… No matter how sensible… for purely intellectual reasons (or for the tax savings). People give to causes they emotionally connect with. People give because they identify, they emotionally connect, and they feel something.

You may NOT realize that even during bad economic times, such as what we are experiencing, we have seen increases in some forms of giving. The Conversation Media Group recently found, “In 2008 and 2009, giving fell by a total of 15%. But giving to nonprofits such as food banks and homeless shelters that provide essential social services grew by 10%.”

That means that strategizing and framing your message in ways that connect with people, show that you care, and reach those who are passionate about your cause is key to being successful in bad economic downturns and beyond.

“Persuasion isn’t something one person does to the other. It is what one person does to herself as an internal response to the stimulus she is exposed to.” – Bushra Azhar, Persuasion Strategist & Founder of the Persuasion Revolution.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions specializes in using the power of the written word to persuade and empower people to give to your cause by connecting on unprecedented emotional levels. Many copywriters and direct marketers don’t fully appreciate how people can be persuaded to help others, come together for a common cause, or simply do what is right.

Contact Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions today, and let’s reach people together!