Public Sector Marketing

PSM targets individual consumers and those that need services in an effort to inform and persuade them to take action. Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions partner with you to reach your target audience today!

Church Website

Pastor Jackson thought encouragingly as he looked out over the empty seats of the once-thriving congregation. It seems like yesterday that most seats were filled. Time and the cycle of life’s attrition have caused the once-thriving congregation to dwindle to a handful of the faithful. Now what was the average census for mid-week prayer service is now the average for Sunday worship service. Is it just a sign of the times, Pastor Jackson thought to himself? We are barely able to bring in enough to keep the lights on… but with stern resolve, he says, "I will not sacrifice the message of the g..

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Sales Ads

The key to any successful sales ad … or any type of marketing for that matter… is knowledge of the customer. The better you understand your customers' needs and desires the better you will be able to offer products and services that meet their needs… in ways that motivate and persuade them to act!..

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Non-Profit Ad

She had endured some of the most horrendous abuse by her alcoholic husband… more than she ever thought possible. He was a good man, she reasoned to herself… a man that worked hard and put food on the table and kept a roof over her children’s heads. But at the end of the week… within hours of him getting his weekly paycheck… he turned into a drunken MONSTER. ..

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Business to Business

B2B Marketing is the art of one business selling products and services to other businesses. Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is highly skilled at knowing what works and what doesn’t. Contact us today to discuss your next B2B marketing campaign!

Profitable Pay-per-Click (PPC) Campaigns

The true SECRET to successful PPC campaigns rests in the ability to use keywords in combination with powerful ad copy in order to drive traffic to your website. More traffic equals more people will see your products and services.


Getting traffic to your website is ONLY the first step!

You need to be able to structure your website in a way where there are constant calls to action! POWERFUL and persuasive website content is what will move people to take action! This is where you need website content written and designed by experts in the field of credible, believable, and authentic ad copy that turns LOOKERS into BUYERS. You need multiple and strategically placed CALLS TO ACTION! You need Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions!

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions have the experience and creativity that gets you the most return on investment for your advertising dollars. We take the time to understand your business, your message, and your target audience and craft PPC campaigns using that knowledge to increase sales!

PPC campaigns have been shown to be one of the most effective ways businesses are able to drive traffic to their website and thus increase the sale of their products and services. Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions partner with you to help you understand your target audience and rework your existing website’s landing page to drive the traffic that will BUY. Don’t spend another minute wasting your precious advertising dollars on ad campaigns that target the wrong type of traffic or use outdated keywords!

Our competitors often miss a particularly important fact about internet searches. Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions recognizes that language has never been static… its DYNAMIC and is constantly changing! Words that people used just a few years ago to describe something they searched the internet for has likely changed DRASTICALLY. According to the Global Language Monitor, around 5,400 new words are created every year! And that doesn’t even take into account slang, internet phrases, and cultural euphemisms that the younger generation creates and adds to the cultural lexicon created through texting. Therefore, what was a popular KEYWORD search a year ago very few may still be using to search with today!

EXTENSIVE and THOROUGH research is the only solution! Go with the industry leader that puts the WORK in for you to take in-depth research and translate that into a clear and concise picture of your ideal audience and the words they use to search the internet. Here at Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions, we do our homework and it shows by our track record of success! We offer a FREE consultation to understand your goals and your target audience. Contact us today and let’s get started transforming your next PPC campaign into ads that will exceed your sales expectations!

Winning Direct-Mail Marketing

Some recent estimates show that Faith-based marketing has now exceeded $5 trillion dollars

We’ll just stop there for a moment and let that thought settle in a bit…

Faith-based marketing has exploded within the past few years and your marketing campaigns need to be positioned to get your company a healthy slice of that pie.

Your faith-based organization desires to put faith into action. You’re helping people. You’re serving your community. You’re reinforcing our nation’s creed. You’re out there to do what is right. Your message is bible-based and your mission is to increase your customer base to those who need and desire to patronize companies that reflect their beliefs, their values, and their way of life.

You have done your homework and created a company that you are proud of… You are not ashamed to share your faith with others who are like-minded. You even hope to gain some who previously didn’t share your faith through love and respect.

You know your customers. But you need a well-crafted marketing campaign to bring them to you and get them excited about what you have to offer:

  • You have the products and services they want and need, but how do you speak to them?
  • You have an email list, but how do you capitalize on the newest and fastest-growing way to reach past satisfied customers and new customers?
  • How do you let them know your company holds the values they share? How do you show added value above your competition?

Ultimately, it’s about how you display your faith-based products and services in ways that show tremendous value and exceptional quality with the added benefit of highlighting your faith.

Undercover Christian Copywriting can create captivating and appealing Direct-Mail Marketing campaigns that will set your business apart from all the rest. Your business is a light shining in the darkness, so your ad campaign should shine that same light into the minds and hearts of those that share your faith, your values, and your desire to spread the gospel message. It doesn’t matter if you are selling t-shirts that display your beliefs for all to see or simply want to subtly market services to other churches or Christian bookstores, Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions will custom design a marketing strategy that meets your needs and will exceed your expectations.

Whether you are a self-published author marketing your first book in need of a sales letter or a press release or a well established Christian company desiring to market a new line of products, (or anything in-between), let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions design your marketing campaign so that you reach and exceed your sales goals. This is your year. Now is the time. Take advantage of the exploding desire in the faith-based market to put your products and services in the hands of people that share our faith and values.

Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions understands your particular customer base and will partner with you to create the right tone, attitude, and mindset in your marketing to reach people of faith like never before. Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions is a leader in writing winning sales copy. Our unique perspective and knowledge allow us to craft copy that will put your products and services in the best light to position your company for record sales. Let Undercover Christian Copywriting Solutions go to work in the background for you so your message is front and center and your company gets the sales!  Act now… your banner year awaits!